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Noa Reshef


Her Workshops:

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Noa Reshef is an Israeli performance and video artist living and working in Barcelona.

She presents stage performance, and projects with investigative character that focuses on an individual interaction with one person at a time. Her work is presented internationally in festivals and venues.

In her work she applies a diverse range of skills, from directing and choreography, performing and costume design, to writing and video editing -
However, her main medium is the live performance.

Her work deals with relationships and communication, intimacy and seduction. It examines clichés, behavior cods and conventional signs, and the expectations, misunderstanding and confusion they may create.




Stripteases S/N (Performance)Noa PF

Stripteases S/N is a series of performances that explore the striptease as a genre, and the rules and clichés that this genre dictates, from the mere act of taking off cloths, to the meanings of this ritual on terms of relations and communication.

I created several short pieces that attempted to interrupt and manipulate the classical order of the striptease, and to reexamine the typical elements of it, such as:

    • The links that established between the striper and her public; power relationships, seduction as a form of communication, and the roles observer/observed.
    • The costume; that together with the body is the protagonist of the striptease, using unsuspected elements, like light and disproportion, to modify the body, exaggerate or soften it, and dictate new forms of undressing.
    • Movements and choreography; new interpretations of conventional seduction gestures, combined with contemporary iconography such as porn characters and superheroes.

Each one of those work is a short striptease number that, using those elements, is searching for links between beauty and danger, playing with sensation of threat and intimacy, and examining different options to provoke desire.

Foto: © Pablo Berríos Corvalán



Seduction Assortment (Workshop)Noa WS

In the workshop I would like to carry on my research about seduction, and explore it, together with the participants, from different points of view.

Desire, attraction and seduction are slippery terms, often hard to define and to understand the exact reason that cause or awake them. Therefore, in many contexts we prefer to avoid the complicity and stick to the conventional ideas about those subjects, even if they don’t really suit us.

In my workshop I would like to confront those clichés with an individual search for the source of our desire, and for what is really seductive for us, through a short debate and some practical exercises.

In the exercises we will use different elements, such as objects, movements and cloths, but also ideas, gender roles and clichés, to taste unexpected forms of seduction, and create our individual seductive moment.

Foto: © Tono Carbajo