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Xplore Barcelona 2012

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Dr. D.J. Hayes


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Dr. Daniel J. Hayes plays Eco-Anarchist, medical doctor, public health scientist, kinkster and Contact Improviser.
I divide my time between a little beach hut on the small island of Formentera and Can Masdeu, an intentional living community in a national park on the outskirts of Barcelona. I’ve been playing, dancing, meditating and conversing Contact for over a decade and have actively shared my curiosity and knowledge for the past four years.


I’m founder of the Touch&Play Project  which promotes the exploration of the 'edges of Contact Improvisation' by liberating it from its dance discourse and bringing it into play, meditation, communication, therapy, education, BDSM and sexuality through rigorous artistic and academic research.




A Touch of Seductionseduction

Contact Improvisation is often taught as a contemporary dance form, in reality though many of its current practitioners do not harbour a strong aesthetic or performative drive. It has in such become a vehicle for meeting many of our human needs. In this short series of workshops we will explore the use of Contact Improvisation as a valuable tool in the great game of seduction.