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Desper_TNT / Despertant

Rigger, shibari/kinbaku student and pupil of Osada Steve Sensei since 2009.

Despertant had her first contact with Japanese style bondage on February 2008, due to the visit of Matthias Grimme to the Club Rosas 5 , in Barcelona. After this first and exciting experience she starts her personal exploration and learning in the rope world.

It is in Barcelona and Madrid where she got in contact with several local rope practitioners. In Madrid, at the “Encuentros de Cuerdas” (Rope Encounters), organised by Alberto and Kuss at El Garaje. In Barcelona; mostly at Club Rosas 5, where Kurt (owner, rigger and shibari lover) set up a weekly Do-jo for the practise and interchange of knowledge between riggers and local students; and finally at El Nido del Escorpión, where a reduced group started to meet in private. In Barcelona she assists as well to the workshop Bondage Monopisicional y Spider Webs organised by NEO-CORTEX BDSM as part of the program for the BAG'09

On June 2009 Despertant assisted to the first edition of the London Festival of Art and Japanese Rope Bondage (LFJARB) at the Resistance Gallery of London. There she enrolled the workshops by Esinem, Zamil and Nawashi Murakawa, among others, about the different aspects of shibari and Japanese art. She is coming back for the next LJFJARB editions (April 2010 and September 2012), to enrol several workshops by Kinoko Hajime. She assisted as well to several and varied bondage and shibari performances made during the three editions. Wonderful artists as Kinoko Hajime, Max&Tina, Kazami Ranki, to say a few names, where part of their guest artists.

On October 2009 she met Osada Steve, enrolling one of his master class organised by Esinem in London. From this point, she starts his Osada Ryu learning, continued in Barcelona during the workshops organised by Kurt at Club Rosas 5: levels WS-1 and WS-2 (September 2010) and level Pro_WS (October 2012). As an attendant in these workshops, she was invited by the Club to collaborate in the bondage Do-jo set up at the Club for its 9th anniversary on October 23th, this year celebrated also in honour of the founder Kurt W. Fisher (RIP).

Since the beginning, she has developed the bondage practice (with female and male bondage) in a private environment, both the learning practice and the personal amusement, or, in any case, she has performed nearly always in a complete intimacy or with reduced groups of close people, that's why her public shows are scanty.

Otherwise, on April 2012 she collaborated as Desper TNT with a performance during Cuerdas por Japon (Ropes for Japan), a benefic event for Japan after the disaster on March. Ropes for Japan was organised simultaneously in four Spanish cities, with shibari performances (live broadcasted by internet) and other activities related with Japanese culture. You can find a chronicle about this event and her performance in the complete article about shibari written by Josep Lapidario and published in the cultural journal Jot Down, Shibari: el arte japonés de la atadura erótica (Shibari: the Japanese art of erotic bondage).

On May 2012 she also participated with a demonstration during Art of Ropes, the presentation party of the book Shibary & Bondage, by the photographer Tentesion, whom she has collaborated in several artistic photo sessions of bondage, including some for this same book.




Ropes and Connectiondespertnt.2.floor

Introduction to the game with ropes. 

We will focus on discovering the links the ropes create between the people involved in the game and experiment with it. We will explore the ropes, either enjoying their erotic and sensual side or exploring their most emotional one. We will be using the basic knots of the Japanese style floor work. All this will be developed in a sensible way, knowing the risks as well as the basic safety measures to take to avoid them, and remembering that the experience must be rewarding for both parts involved, tier and tied.

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